The Association:

The Association:

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  • On July 4, 2019

Pagratioton Kalavrytinon “O Agios Ioannis o Theologos” Association

The inhabitants of the village who emigrated to Attica after 1950 founded the Pagratioton Kalavritinon “O Agios Ioannis o Theologos” Association in 1964. It creates opportunities for all those who come directly or indirectly from the Pagrati community and reside in Athens, Piraeus, Suburbs or elsewhere. Simply put, our Association aims to bring together all those who love our village and it directs their motivation and those who live abroad and those who are still emotionally attached to our homeland. It also aims to create a continuous cultural movement so that there are always the conditions for achieving those high goals that lead and maintain our roots, traditions and help everyone with the experience and knowledge of the past, to realize the present and influence the future.

The Aims of the Association:

1.  To unite the Pagratiotes of Kalavryta Achaia that reside abroad – far from their homeland and to enable and support the sentimental contact and communication with the region and the residents of the village.

2.  To cultivate and develop the love and allegiance among its members.

3.  To coordinate and effectively utilize the cumulative effort of all the members in the spiritual, ethical and economic recovery and progress of Pagrati.

4.  To strengthen relations between members and promote and strengthen the educational and cultural level.

5.  To provide assistance to the Association for the execution of public works in Pagrati and its settlements and the execution of public works with its own resources.

6.  To collaborate with local cultural and educational associations of the country.

7.  The organization of educational, cultural and artistic events in Pagrati or elsewhere, in order to preserve and continue the folk art and traditions.

8.  To create a special account to help those in need. This account is kept in accordance with the Articles of the Association.

9.  To organize holiday lectures, as well as any other event.

10.  Publishing of all forms and applications.

11.  To ensure the education of young people of our compatriots by providing scholarships and cash awards.

12.  For the care of the archeological, historical, transportation, tourist, valued issues of our region.

13.  To communicate with the local government and the Church Council for the effective solution of the various problems concerning Pagrati and its settlements.

14.  An attempt to write the history of Pagrati objectively.

15.  Organizing and conducting competitions and other sports events that cultivate the spirit and the body and the fitness principle in general.

Seal: Circular stamp in which the Pagratioton Kalavrytinon “Agios Ioannis o Theologos” Association is written and in the center Agios Ioannis 1964

Number of members:

About 400 members in Attica

Roof: Owned

Financial Resources – Revenue:

Subscriptions Subsidies Events